Helmet Mask
Mende, Sierra Leone
Early 20th Century
Previous Collection: Private NYC Collection acquired from WIlliam Arnett ( well known photographer; author and collector of Tribal art. Authored " Three Rivers of Nigeria " for the High Museum.

This helmet like mask is used among the Sande society, extremely important to note is the fact that most masks in Tribal Africa are not supposed to be even SEEN by women; this is the only type that is not only to be seen but actually danced by women. This is a very old fine example; with a diminutive face projecting an intensity in its expression as well as a detailed coiffure with typical skin folds carved into the sides of the mask; a symbol of female beauty among the Mende. The patina is encrusted with traces of white pigments; in very good condition for its age. Old native repairs are evident throughout the masks surface.
This mask stands 14 inches tall.
IN 11-2-12 / SOLD