Ancestor Pair
Senufo, Côte D'Ivoire, Early 20th C.
PROVENANCE: Acquired by Evelyn Annenberg Jaffe Hall, New York on October 17, 1967 from J.J. Klejman Gallery, New York.

Much of West African cosmology revolves around the human experience with the spirit and ancestral world. Therefore, spiritual figures, such as this ancestor pair, served as a link between the two worlds and were highly revered within society. The sculptures were physical "resting points" for spirits and depicted idealized male and/or female figures. This particular pair are fluid in design and exhibit long symmetrical abdomens. Their facial expressions are mirrored and appear tranquil. The decorative features are quite remarkable; from the patterning of the clothing and jewelry to the the hair detailing on the female figure.

Male 12 in. Female 11.5 in.
IN 10-2-13 / SOLD