Ancestor Figure
Lobi, Burkina Faso
Early 20th Century
Previous Collection: Pricate NYC Collection, acquired from William Arnett ( Well known photographer, author and collector of Tribal Art. Authored many books and catalogs; notably the " Three rivers of Nigeria " for the High Museum "

Standing on blocky legs with a torso projecting movement due to it tilting backwards and slightly sideways, in addition to an expressive face with conical head; this 'Bateba' shows the individuality of the carver. Among the Lobi of Burkina Faso all males carve so there is a huge variety in quality and personality of Bateba sculptures. This is a strong example with archaic features; Lobi are still carving today and this example is obviously of an early vintage. It exhibits a deep patina and is carved from a very hard wood.

This figure stands 10 inches tall.
IN 10-10-12/ SOLD