Pende, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 19th Century
Previous collections: Alain Schoffel, France, Josef Herman,London, Michael Oliver, NY. Published: Africa - Art of a Continent by Tom Philips

Whistles such as this example are mostly related to hunting; they are not meant to create 'music' but they provide simplistic single notes that are meant to communicate to the spirit world for a more prosperous hunt. They are also used during certain divination rituals. This example is elaborately conceived with a backswept coiffure and a head that is jutting forward. The body has numerous 'resonator' holes for making these notes; while most whistles have two this example has several. The attachment hole under the neck shows extreme wear as well as the surface patina of the entire whistle itself; indicative of decades of tribal use and handling. This example was part of an important exhibition and is published in the accompanying catalog AFRICA - Art of a Continent by Tom Philips.

This Whistle stands 4.25" tall

SOLD / IN 10-8-10