Tobacco Pipe Bowl
Cameroon Grasslands
Early 20th Century, Terracotta
Provenance: Vianna Finch, acquired in the 1970’s from the Eric Robertson Gallery, NYC, then by descent to family.

Pipes used to smoke tobacco are found throughout the Cameroon Grasslands region. Decoration varied depending upon the owner; however most of these pipes served a prestige purpose and were only smoked by kings, chiefs, and court officials. This example exhibits an anthropomorphic figure with an abnormally large head and face in proportion to the rest of its body. This pipe most likely portrays a dignitary due to the addition of an elaborately decorated hat and extensive traditional decorations including geometric patterns. The facial features are impressive. Arched brows over seed like eyes, a wide nose, and mouth with bared and individually carved teeth create a powerful expression. The bowl is elegantly carved with a lustrous texture.

Height: 8 inches
IN 10-2-16 / SOLD


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