Ancestor Figure
Liberia, Toma
Early 20th Century
Provenance: Vianna Finch, acquired in the 1970’s from the Eric Robertson Gallery, New York City, then by descent to family.

Ancestor figures were privately owned and associated with divination. Possibly used in the context of women Bundu associations (similar to men’s poro societies). Nevertheless, these figures are rare. Beautifully carved, the simplified face, short nose, slit eyes, and rigid brow are similar to the facial features that appear on Toma masks. The gesturally carved body suggests subtle movement with the figure’s delicate hands resting on top of her breasts. Subtle lines and geometric patterning delineate her coiffure culminating in a bowl like object attached to the top of her head.

Height: 16.75 inches
IN 7-9-16 / SOLD


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