Democratic Republic of the Congo, Luba or Bene Lulua
Early 20th Century
Provenance: Oscar Agard, Newark, NJ. Acquired 1970-1990’s, then by descent to family.

This figure is a unique object. These figures were instilled with ancestral spirits who bestow protection, good fortune, and beauty upon their owners. The Bene Lulua and the Luba live in the crossroads region of several art-producing cultures. This is one reason why many of these figures exhibit similar sculptural traits. In this case, the figure exhibit large genitalia, which is distinctly Luba, while the profusion of scarification patterns on the head, neck, and back are hallmarks of Bene Lulua sculpture. The horn on top of the head instills the figure with power. The old wood has oxidized beautifully. An old inventory number is present on the back of the figure - #266.

Height: 8.25 inches
IN 2-7-17 / SOLD


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