Female Figure
Ghana, Fante
Early 20th Century
Provenance: Oscar Agard, Newark, NJ. Acquired 1970-1990’s, then by descent to family.

The female figure from the Fante is another example of an Akuaba, or a fertility doll carried by women who wish to conceive a child. Different from those of the Asante, this Fante example still retains the cylindrical torso, but lacks the abstract arms, instead, exhibiting sturdy legs. The head is small and stylized, using small notches and changes in the wood’s plane to delineate features. To large ringed cone shapes on top of the head represent the figure’s elaborate coiffure. The rings around the neck and three subtle notched lines above the navel are features associated with Fante ideals of beauty.

Height: 14.5 inches
IN 7-6-16 / SOLD


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