Ayo Board
Nigeria, Yoruba
Early 20th Century
Provenance: Vianna Finch,  acquired in the 1970’s from the Eric Robertson Gallery, New York City, then by descent to family.

Ayo, or mancala boards, are commonly used by all ages of the Yoruba. Boards vary in decoration and size. This example is stunning. The heavily worn wood gives the board a polished light brown color. Each of the twelve pots are individually carved with a geometric design around the edges. A large figurative head at one edge of the board peers up at the players. Elaborately carved in great detail. The coiffure and facial scaring highlight the head’s large eyes and naturalistic nose, mouth and ears. Stereotypical of Yoruba sculptural traditions.

Height: 24.5 inches
IN 7-11-16 / SOLD


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