Fertility Doll ‘Biiga’

Mossi; Burkina Faso
Early 20th Century
Ex: Private NYC Collection

This is a fine example of a Mossi "biiga" doll. Dolls like this example are procured by young women to help promote fertility. This doll in particular shows a long period of use and care. Wrapped in leather; this doll has acquired a fine patina from being rubbed with ritual butters and oils. The creases and folds of the leather on this piece give the object a sense of tension; like the wooden figure beneath it wants to escape its wrappings. The fine features of the wooden doll can be easily seen on this example; which is rare; many dolls that are wrapped in leather have a more 'cloaked' look; showing no details. In excellent condition.

This doll stands 12 inches tall.

SOLD / IN 2005