Fertility Figure (Akua Ba)
Ghana, Asante, Early 20th C.
Provenance: Old American collection, acquired from J.J.Klejman Gallery, New York. The figure is accompanied by the original certificate signed by J.J. Klejman

Akua Ba dolls are known for their long neck, round face, high forehead, and small mouth. These characteristics are synonymous with Ashanti ideals of beauty and were carried by expectant mothers in order to encourage their unborn child to be beautiful. This example is in great condition and exhibits a beautiful dark brown/black patina, suggesting it was carried and used often. The head is large and circular, the face expertly carved with pursed lips. The body's a-symmetry is intriguing. The long stylized neck down to the base of the sculpture is perfectly carved. The back of the sculpture is just as beautiful. The neck and body are similar to the front, but the back of the head has been decorated with an a-symmetrical lined pattern.

Height: 12 inches / 30.5 cm
SOLD / IN 07-01-17


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