Family Mask

Dan, Liberia
Late 19th Century
Previous Collection: William Siegmann (Former curator of African Art at the Brooklyn Museum)
Inventory Numbers 86-65-3

This classically rendered Dan mid size mask known as a family mask possesses a deep encrusted patina from generations of use and storage. The face is elegant with its naturalistic features and pierced ears. One of the ears has been worn down so that it is totally perforated. Carved from very hard wood the back of the mask shows fine adze work. An important note is that the surface has never been altered; it is totally original which is quite desirable, for many Dan masks have been waxed and varnished. This actual surface patina has resulted from libations over the mask developing an encrustation that is very dry from its age. In excellent overall condition.

This mask stands 6” tall
SOLD / 7-15-11