Standing Figure

Dogon, Mali
18th / 19th Century or earlier
Previous Collection: Jacques Kerchache, Paris

This ancient Dogon sculpture is among the very best I have handled. While many old Dogon figures show great age, they seem to lack character and expression. This example on the other hand does not only possess great age, but fantastic expression. The face is magnificent and classic while the arms proudly reach up to the heavens with great sincerity. Photos alone can’t capture the depth of the patina, it has to be seen in person to be appreciated. The Dogon apply layers of millet and other sacrificial material to their objects to “bring them back to the earth”; or become one with the earth again, as in the beginning. This object truly epitomizes the very best of early Dogon sculpture.
This figure stands 13" tall.

SOLD / 5-14-12