Terracotta Figure
Komaland, 15th-19th Century
PROVENANCE: Noble and Jean Endicott, New York. Collected in 1965 by Albert Estera Votaw in Ghana.

Terracotta figures from Komaland are some of the oldest sculptures in West Africa. Sculpted in high relief, these small statues are created out of a mixture of clay and sand (used as a temper and visible on the base of this figure), giving the figure a dark granular appearance. This figure is more ornate than many other Koma terracottas. It is heavily adorned with a helmet, elaborate beard, and a series of necklaces, arm bands, and other ornamental material. The figure's head is thrust towards the sky, creating a sense of power and stoicism.

Similar example published in, Karl-Gerdinand Schadler. 1997. Earth & Ore: 2500 years of African art in terracotta and metal. Australia: Panterra, p. 146.

Height: 9 " in.
IN. 6-5-14 / SOLD