Yoruba, Early 20th Century
PROVENANCE: Noble and Jean Endicott, New York.

In Yoruba culture, twins are believed to have special powers. If one dies, a figure is carved in order for the spirit to inhabit it. These figures are called Ibeji. The surviving twin cares for and honors the figure by ritually feeding, bathing, and clothing the figure. The figures are heavily detailed, with distinct facial features and scaring, which can be linked to specific families lineages. The facial features, including the sears, are naturalistically carved. The sculpture is decorated with beaded jewelry. The slightly of kilter stance of the body gives the figure fantastic movement. The rich patina, which changes in color and distribution across the figure is due to heavy handling by the family.

Height: 9 1/2 " in.
IN 4-6-14 / Price on Request