Fetish Figure
Songye, Kingdom of Kongo
Early 20th Century
PROVENANCE: Noble and Jean Endicott, New York.

The Songye produced a large number of fetish figures. These figures were used in rituals to connect with the spirit world. Because of their powerful nature, the sculptural style exhibits an intense dynamism and vitality. This particular figure is male and stands on a circular base, with his hands placed on his pointed belly. The facial features and hairstyle are very geometric. Rounded nails have been hammered into the sculpture; On the belly and forehead. These nails counteract evil spirits and can channel power. A small cavity is visible all the way through the head, with openings in either ear. This would have been filled with fetish material called boanga.

Height: 6 " in.
IN 4-5-14 / Price on Request