Mossi Doll
Burkina Fasso, Early 20th Century
PROVENANCE: Noble & Jean Endicott, NY.

Mossi dolls, or bigga, are sculpted by blacksmiths and have many functions. Although they can be used as dolls, they are more commonly used as education tools. They are dressed, washed, and always kept in site of their "mother's" eyes. They symbolize fertility and teach girls how to care for their future children. Mossi dolls are often passed from mother to daughter. This particular Mossi doll exhibits a cylindrical base, missing arms and legs, accentuated breasts, and a heavily stylized hairstyle; all characteristic of biggas. The exquisite cross hatching across the head symbolize carefully delineated braids. The face is naturalistically carved with facial scarifications. The body is decorated with eloquently carved lines and beaded jewelry.

Height: 9 1/2 " in.
IN 4-4-14 / Price on Request