Amulet Figure
Bena Luewa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Early 20th Century
Provenance: Ladislas Segy, one of the early dealers in African Art in New York. Acquired at Sotheby's in New York 1960.
This small amulet figure exudes a lot of character for its size. Exhibiting a relatively untouched surface, the asymmetrical form of its body is slightly disjointed as the head is turned to the left, causing its eyes to follow the viewer, bringing the object to life. The figure's use as a powerful object is suggested by the inclusion of metal on the front abdomen combined with a carved projection on top of its head, mimicking an animal horn. Heavily encrusted, the figure's facial features are barely distinguishable, except for the presence of a protruding forehead and cowry shell like eyes.
H: 6 in.
IN 03-11-15/  SOLD