Fetish Charm
Songye, DRC
Late 19th/Early 20th Century

Previous Collection: Josef Herman, ( Famous Collector of Miniatures ) UK, Michael Oliver, NYC

With its long ringed neck and unmistakable Songye face this charm is really one of a kind. This type of object was either attached to a larger fetish or perhaps part of a diviner’s necklace What is really special about this charm is that all of the materials are original to the piece; this is uncommon; especially for Songye material. The ‘body’ of the charm is wrapped in lizard skin and the charge in the head is sealed with a small dik-dik or dyker horn, as well as a fiber ring that adds to the abstraction and enigma of the object. This is a lot of art in such a small work. The surface has been rubbed with a red pigment and the object shows handling from use. In excellent condition.

This charm stands 4.75” from top of horn to bottom of ring.

SOLD / 4-13-11