Protective Figure

Lobi; Burkina Faso
Early 20th Century

Unique among the Lobi is the fact that all male tribal members carve. This is not the case in most sub-Saharan African countries; it is either special members in a community of ultimate talent or known ateliers who do the carving for ritual specialists... The Lobi produce a vast array of sculpture each unique in style; sometimes creating extremely powerful carvings. This example is strongly cubistic with a wonderful face; pleasing to the eye from every angle; which is rare in African art. There is good tension in the legs of the figure giving it a sense of motion. The wood is hard and deeply encrusted from numerous libations throughout the years. There is a stabilized age crack; but in otherwise excellent condition.

This figure stands 9.5 inches in height.

SOLD / IN 2-9-10