Female Figure
Baule, Ivory Coast, Early 20th C
Previous Collection: Ex Private American Collection
The Baule are known as great carvers of masks, figures, pulleys and a host of utilitarian objects. This particular figure is a female spirt spouse, which are the supreme idea of beauty waiting in the other world for his or her mate. This example was created with wonderful attention to every aspect of the sculpture; from the incredibly intricate braided coiffure, and expressive face with a thick body that is not clunky nor boxy, it flows with sweeps and curves, right down to the small but very important keloid scarring projecting from the back and sides of the neck, face, belly and reverse of torso. These scars are more than ornamental; these show rank and class and are developed from iron hot branding rituals. The patina is rich yet complex and it shows evidence of personal libations given from the living spouse. Some age fractures are present but this does not take away from the beauty or value of this wonderful sculpture.

This figure stands 13 inches.
IN 1-14-13 / SOLD