Divination Bowl
Yoruba, Nigeria ( NW Oyo area )
19th Century
Previous collection: acquired from Maurice Ratton in 1960.

This superb divination bowl, agere Ifa, holds the sacred palm nuts of Ifa. These bowls may be commissioned by an important priest. This particular piece, from a known atelier in NW Oyo has sublime characteristics. The faces are very expressive and the bodies are exquisitely sculpted with great attention to detail; they are depicted wearing royal garb and use of lip plugs suggest a pre-1900 creation date; a really nice touch is the child's face and head positioned looking off to the side, in deep exploration. The surface patina is rich and deep from generations of handling; original eye insertions are present.

This bowl stands 9.5 inches.
IN 1-12-13 / SOLD