Magic Amulet
Ramu, Papua New Guinea, 19th C.
Provenance: Ernst Heinrich, dealer in Stuttgart, Germany. Active before WWII.

This Magic Amulet from Ramu River region in Papua New Guinea is extremely old. The surface is well worn and patinated. Stone carved, these small wooded amulets all bear different characteristics. The figure, naturalistically carved, has an inviting and expressive face. The large head in proportion to the body is a common Ramu trait, while the ovalness of the head provides a stark contrast to the squareness of the body, emphasized by the free form carved stature of the arms and legs. There is an old native repair to the left arm, which was cracked. The original piece has been attached with native natural plant glues. A hook is visible on the back of the amulets head, where string would have been threaded to attach the amulet to a body or bag.

Height: 6 3/4 in
IN 11-7-14/ Price On Request