Shrine Figure
Republic of Benin, Fon
Early 20th Century
Provenance: Vianna Finch,  acquired in the 1970’s from the Eric Robertson Gallery, New York City, then by descent to family.

Shrine figures are important objects in the practice of Vodun. Wooden figures are heavily wrapped and bound in fetish material such as cloth and metal, empowering the object. This example is in the form of a hunter. Wearing a distinctive domed “hunters cap”, the figure is simply carved with naturalistic features. Grasping a rifle in his right hand and another hunting tool in the left, he gazes out, contemplative, but engaged. The figure stands with his right foot slightly forward of his left, suggesting movement. A rough metal chain is wrapped around the figure’s neck and body.

Height: 12 inches
IN 7-14-16 / Price on Request


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