Granary Door
Senufo, Mali
19th Century
Previous Collection: Private American collection acquired from
Harry Franklin Gallery 1981
Published " Collecting African and Oceanic Art " Designers West May 1980 Vol-27-6 Pg106
Doors like these were used to enclose and protect the grain procured from the villager's fields. This door in particular is a very fine example; beautifully rendered with many symbols of Senufo mythology. The hinges are well worn and there is an old iron native restoration to the top right side of the door; repairs like these speak to how important the object is to the tribe. The patina on the front is naturally aged and varied but the back of the door is deeply darkened which is exactly how they should look when they are exposed to the smoke and oils from cooking.
This door stands 37 inches tall and 18 inches wide.
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