Hair Pin or Arm Amulet Figure
Lower Sepik River region, Papua New Guinea
19th –early 20th century

Provenance: Ex collection, Jacob Michiel Ydema, The Haag. Sold in 1961 to the Nijmeegs Institute for Cultural Anthropology at the R.K. University. Painted in white are the museum’s inventory numbers 792.

This very fine amulet figure has a large head surmounted with an impressive five-tiered conical coif representing the initiated man’s headdress.  The face with oval, down slanted concentric eyes is prolonged by the extended pointed nose, which connects to the figures abdomen just above the pubis. The strongly carved legs join below the knees and terminate in a long-pointed spike.

Height: 8 ½ in / 21.6 cm
IN 3-4-18 / Price on request


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