Oil Lamp
Kenyah-Kayan Dayak, East Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia
Early 20th century
Provenance: From Francois Coppens private collection, Belgium. Inventory number G-030

Antique wooden oil lamps are exceedingly rare to find from Indonesia.  This may be due to the very combustible and fragile nature of the material they are made from.  Being made from wood most old examples simply would have been destroyed by fire after repeated uses.  The present example is in excellent condition, showing clear signs of use especially within the metal chamber at top, which contains burnt and dry strips of vegatation and hardened tree resin.  The base of the lamp is carved into an Aso head; a very important protective deity in Dayak myth.

Length: 9 in / 22.9 cm   
Height: 7 ½ in / 19.1 cm
IN 3-13-18 / Price on request


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